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Cairo, A.R.E, National Egyptian Museum       CAI    (CESRAS photographs January, 2001

Odessa (Ukraine) Archaeological Museum    OAM    (CESRAS photographs of the full collection, 2000)

Kazan, R. F. National Museum of Tatarstan  KAZ    (CESRAS photographs of the full collection, 1998/99

Saqqara Museum, A.R.E                               SAQ    (CESRAS photographs January, 2001    

Voronezh, R. F.: Voronezh Art Museum       VOR    
(CESRAS photographs of the full collection, 1998


Outstanding private professional egyptological sites in the CESRAS network An outstanding photo documentation of Deir el-Medina by Lenka
(qualified egyptologist) and Andy (professional photographer) Peacock. (U.K.)

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Ibis head: coffin of Nesymut D21a,BeG:OAM71695                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         updated 24.05.13/ERL