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21a Theban Dynasty of the High Priests of Amun 1070-945 BCE  (family members,
their relationships, and chronology)

Cache of the Royal Mummies, Theban Tomb TT320, 21a Dynasty
Coffins, Funerary Equipment, Mummies of the 21a Dynasty High Priests family linked with corresponding

Coffins directory (Photographic CESRAS studies of coffins, mostly painted anthropoid coffins of the
21a Dynasty 1070-945 BCE, in Cairo, Russia, and republics of the former Soviet Union)

Leather Funerary Baldachin of Isetemkheb B, Cairo National Museum JE-26276

Maspero G.: Les Momies Royales de Déir el-Baharî (Memoires de la Mission Française au
Caire, Paris, 1889), complete text and plates with modern annotations and corrections; indexed and
subjects/persons linked with parallel material in other sections of this site.)

Memphis Directory: scientific research data only

Mummies Directory (Mummies of Kings, Royals, and high ranking persons in the National Museum,

Network Directory of associated and other websites

Persons Directory (Ancient Egyptian persons mentioned on this site. Personal names and those of
deities are transcribed differently in both modern languages and linguistic misunderstandings of Ancient
Egyptian in the early days of egyptological studies. We have grouped the various orthographies to the
current English versions.

Smith G. E.: The Royal Mummies, (Catalogue Général des Antiquités Égyptiennes du Musée du
Caire, 1912: CG numbers 61051-61100); complete text with modern annotations and digitally improved plates;
Linked navigation to parallel material on this site. Smith gives a detailed forensic pathological study of the
royal mummies. This material is well illustrated and still valid today.

They were not yellow (21a Dynasty painted anthropoid coffins from the "Royal Cache" TT320)
Photographs by Sergej V. Ivanov to lecture by Edward R. Loring (Proceedings of the International
Achievements and Problems of Modern Egyptology held by the Centre for Egyptological
Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Sept.29-Oct. 2, 2009 in Moscow.

Scenes and figures from anthropoid coffins of the 21a Dynasty

Representations of Deities (figurative and aniconic, several periods)

Construction of anthropoid coffins as shown by damaged examples

Iconographical Thesauri (Dr. Dr. Maya Müller,

Islamic Egyptian Ceramics of the Fatimide Period

Egyptian Textiles of Late Antiquity (ca. 300-650 BCE)