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Mummy of Queen Duat-Hathor Henuttauy, 21a Dynasty, Thebes.
wife of HPA and king Pinodjem I Khakheperre, mother of HPA Menkheperre and God's Wife of Amun
Maatkare. Mummy and remains of her burial were found in the Royal Cache TT320 (DB320) in 1881.
                                                       National Museum, Cairo, CG61026.
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Gold plaque covering the embalmers'
incision, showing the four Horus
Sons mummiform antithetic to an
Udjuat-eye on a standard. The
mummy was plundered at least once
in antiquity. Seemingly the
plunderers were always in a great
hurry and never found this priceless
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Hair, frontal view
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