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21a Theban Dynasty of HPA Piankh, ca. 1070-945 BCE         (D21a in Upper Egypt parallel with D21 in Tanis)

High Priests of Amun  (a true family dynasty  and actual rulers of Upper Egypt for 125 years)
Dates are those given by J. von Beckerath in Chronologie des pharaonischen Ägypten, von Zabern, Mainz, 1997
Form used:
Name,               dates,                        rank           family position,                                                                    place/type of burial if known

Piankh, died ca. 1070 BCE  (Pianch, pay-anch, pAyanx) Father of the dynasty, (remains not known)        

Pinodjem I, ca 1070 to after 1037/36 BCE (pAy-nDm, HPA and later King Khakheperre, son of HPA Piankh (TT320)

Masaharta, 1055/54 to 1045/44 BCE, (masahartj) son of Pinodjem I and (sister-wife?) Isetemkheb A, (Asetemakhbjt A) (TT320)

Menkheperre, 1046/45 to 997/96 BCE, (mencheperraw; son of Pinodjem I and his principle wife, Duat-Hathor Henuttauy (remains not known)

Smendes II, 997/96 to 993/92 BCE, son of Menkheperre and Isetemkheb C; father of Neskhons (Nesykhonsu) (remains not known)

Pinodjem II, 993/92 to 970/69 BCE, (pAy-nDm), son of Menkheperre and Isetemkheb C (Asetemakhbjt C) (TT320 primary burial)

Psusennes III, 970/69 to 946/45 BCE, son of Pinodjem II and his sister-wife, Isetemkheb D (Asetemakhbjt D) (remains not known)

End of the dynasty, ca 945 BCE

Wives of High Priests of Amun

Duat-Hathor Henuttauy, Queen, principle wife of HPA and King Pinodjem I (TT320 secondary burial)

Isetemkheb D (Asetemakhbjt D), sister-wife of Pinodjem II (TT320 secondary burial, mummy not violated and remains unwrapped)

Nedjemet, wife and "queen" of HPA and "king" Herihor, both of whom died in the last years of the 20th Dynasty (TT320 secondary burial)

Neskhons, daughter of HPA Smendes II, niece and principle wife of HPA Pinodjem II (TT320 primary burial)

Tayuheret, Chantress of Amun, assumed wife of HPA Masaharta (TT320 secondary burial)

Children of High Priests of Amun

Isetemkheb B (Asetemakhbjt B), daughter of HPA Masaharta and Tayuheret (funerary baldachin found in TT320, (remains not known)

Maatkare (Kamaatre?), God's Wife of Amun, daughter of Pinodjem I and Henuttauy (TT320 secondary burial)

Nesytanebetisheru, daughter of HPA Pinodjem II and Neschons (TT320 secondary burial)

Private or official persons (male)

Anchefenmut, wab priest, D21a, (BeG secondary)

Djedptahjuefankh, (3rd Prophet of Amun buried in year 11 of Scheschonq I (22 Dynasty) (TT320, secondary burial)

Herihor (General and HPA in Thebes)

Hor, D21a (BeG secondary burial)

HORI, D21a rank or function not known, coffin lid in Kazan, Thebes, (remains unknown)

Horpeshiu, mid-D21a (BeG secondary burial)

Pinodjem, D21a, jt-nTr, (BeG secondary burial)

Private or official persons (female)

Dyrpu, Chantress of Amun, D21a, (BeG secondary burial)

Maatkare, Chantress of Amun, D21a (BeG, secondary burial)

Nesytaudjatakhet, mid D21a, Chantress of Amun inner coffin in Kazan, outer in Odessa, mummy in Cairo? (BeG secondary burial)

Nesykhonsu, D21a, Chantress of Amun, coffin in Odessa, Thebes, (BeG secondary burial)

Nesmut, D21a, Chantress of Amun, coffin in Odessa, Thebes, (BeG secondary burial)

Shebti, Chantress of Amun, D21a, (BeG secondary Burial)

Unidentified Persons (mummies from caches, dates unknown)

"Elder woman" NN from KV35 (Amenophis II Cache) Cairo CG61070, see Smith's pathology (scroll down on his page)-------


misc.persons elsewhere

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Short forms used on entire site:
BCE   =  Before Conventional Era (instead of religion tainted BC)
BeG    = Bab el-Gasus ("2nd Cache") at Deir el-Bahari, Theban Necropolis
CG      = Catalogue Général of the National Museum, Cairo (form used on this site is CGnnnnn)
DeB    = Deir el-Bahari (a large section of the Theban necropolis)
HPA    = High Priest of Amun  (Hm-nTr tpy n jmn...etc
TT320 = Royal Cache, Cachette of the Royal Mummies at Deir el-Bahari, Theban Necropolis

Personal names have numerous transcriptions often within the same language and time-frame. In the
interests of a wider general understanding we have compiled our lists, using the most common English form.
However, as some early texts such as Maspero's Momies Royales contain such incomprehensible versions,
that we have compiled a special list of all orthographies found on this site.
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