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The Leather Funerary Baldachin of Asetemachbjt B, Cairo JE-26276

Editor's preface                                                             

Brugsch É.: La Tente Funéraire de la Princesse Ismkheb, Cairo 1889: the basic work which has propagated falsehood for generations.
Complete scans of original publication annotated and corrected by Edward R. Loring, CESRAS, 2010

Ivanov S.V. & Loring E.R.: A photographic study of the baldachin, including the first modern photographs of the top surface, Cairo 2007

Loring E.R.: The Leather Funerary Baldachin of Asetemachbjt B: proof that Asetemachbjt B existed and was owner of the baldachin

Loring E.R.: A Puzzle Solved, a previously unknown unification symbol on the funerary baldachin of Asetemakhbjt B, 2008

Loring E.R. in Ancient Egypt, Volume 11 No.8 Issue 66 June/July 2011: The Leather Funerary Baldachin of Isetemkheb

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With lasting thanks to the Direction and Staff of the Egyptian National Museum, Cairo,
for their true friendship and professional teamwork which made this study possible!!!