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Outer Coffin of Queen Ahhotep I, early 18th Dynasty, Thebes, TT320 (DB320) Deir el-Bahari
                                       Cairo, National Museum CG61006

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Welcome! I'm happy that you visit me.
I am jaH-Htp, who you call Ahhotep in the
Lexikon der Àgyptologie, the daughter of King
jaH-ms, founder of the 18th Dynasty and
Queen Ahmesnofretere
jaH-ms-nfrt-jrj. I am the
principle wife,
Hmt nswt wrt, of my brother, King
jmnw-Htp I, and hold among other
titles the highest, that of God's Wife of Amun,

Hmt-nTr n jmnw
. Unfortunately all of the beautiful
gifts and offerings which filled my house of
eternity were pillaged and stolen, my place of
quiet reduced to rubble, never to be found.
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