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                                     INDEX to Maspero: Momies Royales (CESRAS TT320 Project)
                         Brief Historical Introduction
Although this a complete work in itself, it belongs to a larger publication. That is why our text begins on page 511.

Ahmose I, CG61002 King, D18, TT320 (Maspero calls him Ahmos I. text starts at middle of page. Maspero p.533sq)

Ahhotep I, CG61006, Queen, D18,TT320 Maspero p.17 (at bottom) seq

Ahmose-Sitkamose, CGxxxxxx, "principle wife" of ....., D18, TT320

Amenophis I, (King, D18, TT320 (Maspero calls him Amenhotpou I, Maspero p.536 sq)

Amenophis II, CGxxxxx, King, D18, Bab el-Molouk

Amenophis III, CGxxxxx, King D18, TT320

Anonymous 1,  (Maspero p.548 sqq)

Anonymous 2, (Maspero p.545 no.14 sqq)

Anonymous 3, (Maspero p.551 no,17,

Anonymous 4, naked man (Maspero a tall man, p.552 seq.)

Djedptahjuefankh, CG61097, 3rd Prophet of Amun, D21a-22, TT320, (text starts at bottom of page)

Hentempet (Ahmose-H.)

Henttimehu (Ahmose-H.) Queen, D18, TT320, Maspereo calls her Honttimihou, Maspero p.543 seq.)

Hatshepsut-Maatkare, Queen/King ,D18 (box found in TT320)

Henuttaui (Duathathor Henuttauy), CG61026, Queen, D21a, TT320

Maatkare-Mutemhet, CG61028, God's Wife of Amun, D21a, TT320

Masaharta, CG61027, HPA, D21a, TT320

Merytamun, CGxxxxx, princess, D18, TT320 (Maspero p.539)

Mashonttimihou ?, princess (Maspero p.544)

Meremptah, CGxxxxxx (Maspero p.553 sqq)

Inhapj (Ahmose-I), CG61053, Queen, D17, TT320 (Maspero calls her Anhâpou, Maspero p.531)

Nebseny, CG61016, found in TT320

Nedjemet, CG61024, "Queen", D2O-21a, TT320

Neskhons, CG61030, niece-wife of HPA Pinodjem II

Nofritari, CG610xx, Queen, D18, TT320 (Maspero p.535)

Paherypedet, CG61022, D20, coffin with lady Rai (D18) found in TT320

Pinodjem I Khakheperre, CG61025, HPA & King, D21a, TT320

Pinodjem II,. CG61029, HPA, D21a, TT320

Rai, CG61054, nurse of Queen Nofritari, D17-18, TT320 (text starts at middle of page, Maspero p.530)

Ramses II, King, D19, TT320

Ramses III, King, D20, TT320

Ramses IV, King, D20,  

Ramses V, King, D20,  

Ramses VI, King, D20,  

Ramses VII, King, D20,

Ramses VIII, King, D20,    

Ramses IX, King , D20, TT320

Seniu CG61010, Coffin found with mummy of Merytamun in TT320)

Seqenenre, CG61051, King, D17, TT320, (Maspero calls him Sotnounrî Tiouâten, Maspero p.527 sqq)

Sethos I, CG61019, King, D19, found in TT320

Siamun, CGxxxxx, male child, D18, TT320 (Maspero p.538)

Sitamun, CGxxxxx, child princess, D18, TT320 (Maspero p.538)

Tayuheret, CG610xx, Chantress, supposed wife of HPA Masaharta

Tutmose I. King, D18, TT320

Tutmose II,CG610xxx, King, D18, TT320 (Maspero p.545 sq)

Tutmose III, CG610.., King, D18, TT320, (Maspero p.547sq.)