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Studies of  coffins found in the "Royal Cachette" TT320 (DB320), Bab el-Gasus and other locations

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Abbreviations used here: D=Dynasty, HPA=High Priest of Amun, CG=Catalogue Général du Musée du Caire, Jnnn=Cairo Inventory Nr.
Orthography: j=i, w=u, ch=kh, -aw=-e  //Asetemachbjt=Isetemkheb.

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Provenance "Royal Cache" TT320 (DB320) Deir el-Bahari, Thebes               

CG61002, King Ahmose I, Nebpehtjraw, ca. 1550-1525, founder of the 18th Dynasty and of the New Kingdom: found in TT320

CG61004, Raj D18 (found in TT320 in coffin of
Paherypedet D20)

CG61006, Queen Ahhotep I, wife of Amenophis I (D18 found in TT320)

CG61007,  Ahmes Sapajr (found in TT320)

CG61010, Coffin of Senjw with mummy of Merytamwn (found in TT320)

CG61016 Nebseny (found in TT320)

CG61019, King Sethos I. (D19 found in TT320)

CG61022, Paherypedjet (D20) with mummy of lady Ray (D18)  (found in TT320)

CG61024 Nedjemet , wife of HPA and "king" Herjhor (D21) found in TT320)

CG61025 HPA & King Paynedjem I. Chacheperraw D21a (Pinodjem) found in TT320

CG61026 Queen Henwttawy D21a principle wife of Paynedjem 1, mother of HPA Mencheperraw and Maatkarraw, found in TT320

CG61027 HPA Masaharta, D21a son of HPA & King Chacheperraw Paynedjem 1, father of Asetemachbjt B, found in TT320

CG61028, JE26200, D21a Daughter of Paynedjem 1, God's Wife of Amun Maatkaraw (Kamaatre?) found in TT320

CG61029 HPA Paynedjem 2 D21a found in TT320 which he had constructed for  CG61030 Nesychonsw and himself only

CG61030 Nesychonsw: D21a niece-wife of Paynedjem 2 found in TT320  which was made for her and Paynedjem 2 only

CG61031 Asetemachbjt D, D21a sister-wife of Paynedjem 2 (children of HPA and "king" Mencheperraw found in TT320

CG61032 Taywheret, D21a presumed wife of HPA Masaharta, perhaps mother of Asetemachbjt B, remains of burial found in TT320

CG61033 Nesytanebetjscherw, D21a daughter of Paynedjem 2 and Nesychonsw, initial place of burial not known. found in TT320

CG61034 Djedptahjwefanch, (D21a-22)  2nd or 3rd Prophet of Amun; initial  burial in 11th year of Scheschonq 1, found in TT320

Provenance: Bab el-Gasus, Deir el-Bahari, Thebes "2nd Cache"

JE29612 Maatkaraw D21a, Chantress of Amun

JE29619 Hor D21a

JE29637 Paynedjem, jt-nTr D21a

JE29669 Dyrpw D21a Chantress of Amun

JE29692 Anchefenmwt D21a

JE29711 Shebty, D21a, Chantress of Amun, D21a

JE66197 Ramosj (D18) Father of Senenmwt

JE29715 Horpeshjw (mid-D21a)

Kazan: Nesytawdjatachet Chantress of Amun D21a (inner coffin), see Odessa (outer coffin)

Odessa: Nesytawdjatachet Chantress of Amun D21a (outer coffin), see Kazan (inner coffin)

Voronezh: coffin of

Provenance Tomb of King Amenophis (Amenhotep) II, D18 Biban el-Molouk, Thebes

King Amenophis II D18

"Older Woman"

"Younger Woman"

Provenance unknown:

Kazan, coffin lid of Horj D21a

Kazan, Mummy sheath (cartonnage) of ........D22

Odessa, mummy sheath (cartonnage) of Mjwet D22
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